healthy are available from about 5 – 14 years of age. Some younger

children are available classified with serious medical conditionskiev911

(from about 0-5 months). Two children may be adopted in the same

couLEGAL INFORMATION – You may find here a brief description

of all legal matters concerning adoption in Ukraine.

We will guide you through all of the adoption procedure stages

providing as much care as you may need. We are doing only 2 cases per month, so you will have 100% of our attention. Ok, here is the adoption procedure in a nutshell:

rt hearing (in the same court region). but sometimes in second dossier is needed (contact with us for details). The children should be siblings.

More boys are available than girls. According to Ukrainian law adopted children should keep Ukrainian citizenship until 18 years of age.

ELIGIBILITY OF PARENTS: There is one main criteria for parents – they should be deemed physically, financially and morally able to raise the child to adulthood. Your dossier presented to the National Adoption Center should clearly indicate that. Single parents and previously divorced may adopt in Ukraine. There is no upper age limit for adopting parents. Parents must be 15 years older than the adopted child. Parents are responsible for registering the child with the Ukrainian Consulate in the country of residence within one month after adoption, and for sending yearly updates to the Ukrainian Consulate.

TERMS: Children must be on the National Registry for one year before they are eligible to be adopted. This gives Ukrainian Citizens first rights to adopt them. However, if a child has a health diagnosis as listed by statue they are available for international adoption once there paperwork administratively clears through the SDA. I heard this takes about 2 months. Therefore, there are children available under one years old. HERE IS THE LIST OF DISEASES which gives the right to adopt sick children without a waiting period of being on the list of registration in SDAPRC.

PROCEDURE: Parents must travel to Ukraine personally in order to identify their child and to attend the court hearing. In order to identify a child for adoption, the parents must first have their application and dossier approved by the SDARC. Our families and partners from America, which we have helped before, can help you with the dossier preparation – they will give any info you might need for that.


Here is a usual schedule for adoption in Ukraine. Please, take into consideration that the time frame varies dependent on many factors. The total adoption process in Ukraine takes approximately 3-4 weeks. Steps toward the goal:

Arrive Kyiv airport. We meet you at airport.

Check into a hotel or apartment.

Visit SDAPRC with us & meet psychologist. Look at files, select child to visit

Travel to orphanage city with one of us

Visit orphanage, select child (or return to SDAPRC if you prefer to visit other children)

Prepare paperwork for court hearing, set court date

Receive approval papers (from SDAPRC and official offices) for court

Court Hearing

Apply for new birth certificate.

Apply for passport for child.

Pick up child.

Pick up new passport.

Return to Kyiv with child.

Translation and apostille for a new documents of child.

Medical examination for child/ren.

Visit your home country Embassy (in some cases must be 10 days after court hearing), apply for visa for child.

Obtain visa and have a flight home.